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Kovolit Česká, spol. s r.o. - Production and retailing of aluminium casts

Company Info

History of our company

Tradition of Kovolit Česká dates back to 1936 when we started with building and production of drink fittings and bell-casting. Bell-casting had been done by Mr Manousek by 1953. Afer that this production was moved to Zbraslav. The production of drink fittings was finished in 1990.

Present situation

Nowadays Kovolit Česká specializes in production of aluminium sandcasting and moulds. Our 50 years´ experience in this field represents profound knowledge that can be seen in quality and accuracy of our deliveries. Total annual production is roughly 900tons of Al moulds per year. The main customers are engineering, textile and construction companies. The weight of aluminium casts are from 0.10kg 400kg. Our foundry offers models, moulds, cores and a process of sand drying. Due to customers´ wishes we also provide heat treatment, hardening, x-ray of aluminium moulds and testing of mechanical qualities of materials. A mechanical work-shop, that provides cast machining, milling, turning, grinding, drilling, varnishing and production of mechanical parts from all kinds of materials (Al, Ms, steel, stainless steel, plactic and others), is a part of our company. Kovolit Česká employs about 130 workers.

Why to choose "KOVOLIT ČESKÁ"

  • Providing the quality by means of audit according to customer´s wishes
  • Historical experience
  • High quality
  • Precise observance of the supplies
  • High level of Know- how
  • Efficient order plan with uniform distribution
  • 60% export to Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Slovakia
  • Settled and stabilized property relations


Coating is provided by:

  • blasting (blast medium is corundum, balotin, sand, rustless crushed material)
  • balling-tumbling
  • Varnishing – komaxit
  • Machine cutting
  • Scurfing
  • Polishing
  • Special final filing
  • Grinding
  • Welding and preservation (shielding gas)

Special offer

  • Manufacturing of aluminium garden furniture, decorative columns, traffic signs and their fixation – fixing lugs
  • Aluminium welding, blasting, tumbling, cutting, grinding, polishing, ultrasonic cleaning (450x300x330), powder and wet varnishing
  • Balancing – TWINGO-I static and dynamic balancing in the highest quality class (up to ø1000mm/60kg)
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine TRIMOS VECTRA 600 Touch
  • 3D CAD/CAM software Solid Works

Environmental policy

Via a systematic approach the management of Kovolit Česká Ltd. wants to attain a level of management and organization in the area of protection of the environment that will allow to minimalise the negative impact of its activities on the environment and will show a positive effect by bettering the conditions of life wherever it is realizing its activities.

The management of Kovolit Česká Ltd. considers the protection of the environment to be one of the priorities of the management of the company and - in connection with the introduction of the system of environmental management according to the norm ČSN ISO EN 14001:2005- it declares herewith the following main principles:

  • observing the legislative requirements on environmental protection as a basis of continuous improvement of the environmental profile of the company
  • Using production equipment with an eye to effective use of materials, friendly relation to the environment and respect for the principle of sustainable use of secondary resources
  • Continuous search for means of reducing the consumption of energy, raw materials and materials. Search for means of making full use of material and energy waste, evaluate impacts on the environment.
  • Give information about materials used, if necessary train sub-tier suppliers and customers in the field of safe use, transport, stocking and disposal
  • Motivate and systematically improve professional knowledge and responsibility of the employees at environmental protection. Inform employees about living up to this policy.
  • Endeavour to prevent exceptional situations, the consequences of which could have negative influence on the environment and the health of the employees.

We declare the environmental policy in the conviction that it will be understood and accepted by all our employees and business partners. Our goal is that the company be considered as working not only for profit, but mainly for the benefit of all partners.