Tradition since 1936

Sand casting

Casting into molds

CNC milling

CNC turning


Surface finishes


The company KOVOLIT Česká, spol. s r.o. specializes in the production of aluminium castings using   gravity castings into bentonite sand and moulds. More than 80 years of experience in this field represents considerable knowledge in the industry, which is reflected in the quality and accuracy of supplies. The total maximum annual production is 900 tons of Al castings. The main customers are engineering, textile, and construction companies. The size of produced aluminium castings is from 0.10 kg to 400 kg. The operation of the foundry also includes the production of patterns, moulds and cores (manual, COLD BOX). According to customer requirements, we also provide heat treatment, hardening, X-ray of aluminium castings and tests of mechanical properties of materials. Besides that, the company provides machining and technical preparation of production, which includes machining of castings, milling, turning, grinding, drilling, and production of mechanical components, from all types of materials (Al, Ms, steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.). KOVOLIT Česká employs more than 70 workers.



We always offer our customers an individual approach. We guarantee high quality of all our products in accordance with valid
ISO standards and certificates.


Advantages of cooperation with KOVOLIT Czech:


  • high quality of delivered products

  • accurate delivery

  • high know - how

  • sufficient, evenly distributed order design

  • quality assurance in the form of an audit according to the customer's wishes

  • 60% exports to Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Slovakia

  • many years of experienceexperience

  • resolved and stabilized property relations

  • payment reliability




With a systemic approach, the management of KOVOLIT Česká spol. s r.o. wants to achieve such a managerial and organizational level in the field of environmental protection, which will allow to minimize the negative impact of its activities on the environment and will have a positive effect on improving living conditions in the area where it carries out its business activities.

The management of KOVOLIT Česká spol. s r.o., considers protection of the environment as one of the priorities of the company's direction, and in connection with the implementation of the environmental management system according to the ČSN ISO EN 14001: 2016 standard, announces the following main principles:

  • To adhere to legislative requirements for environmental protection, as a basis for continuous improvement of the company's environmental profile.

  • To operate production facilities with regard to the efficient use of materials, environmental friendliness, and respect for the principle of sustainable use of renewable resources.

  • To constantly look for ways of reducing the consumption of energy, input raw materials, and sources.

  • To search for possibilities of material and energy utilization of produced wastes, to evaluate impacts on the environment.

  • To provide information on the materials used, if necessary, to educate subcontractors and customers in the safe use, transport, storage, and disposal.

  • To motivate and systematically increase the expert knowledge and responsibility of employees in environmental protection. to inform employees about the implementation of this policy.

  • To strive for prevention of emergency situations, the consequences of which could have a negative impact on the environment and the health of employees.

  • Our company issue a declaration on our environmental policy with a conviction that it will be understood and accepted by all our employees and business partners. We would like to be considered a company, whose main goal is not profit, but also an accordance with environmental protection.


The company holds a certificate according to ISO 9001 and a certificate according to ISO 14001.