The tradition of KOVOLIT Česká dates back to 1936, when the casting of bells began. The casting of bells by a bell-making expert, Mr. Manoušek, lasted until 1953, when this production was moved to Zbraslav. After the Second World War, the production focused on the aluminium castings. Production has also expanded to include the manufacture of aluminium beverage fittings, which was terminated in 1990. In recent years, the company has developed and modernized, significant investments have been made in machinery, environmental policy and quality policy have been set. Nowadays, KOVOLIT Česká is one of the major European producers of aluminium castings using gravity casting into bentonite sand and metal dies. The biggest advantage is the ability to cast aluminium castings in 3 different ways. Casting into metal dies (moulds) is from 0,1 kg. The upper limit of machine moulding is 10 kg, whereas hand (manual) moulding is 400 kg. This creates an extensive portfolio with a wide range of products and can thus meet the requirements of a wider range of customers in the complexity of deliveries.